K.M. ウィリアムズ K.M. Williams

1956年10月19日にテキサス州クラークスヴィルで生まれました。本名はケルヴィン・マーク・ウィリアムズ( Kelvin Mark Williams )です。7歳からギターを弾き始め、エルモア・ジェイムズやレッドベリーに影響されました。アルバムは「The Reverend Of Texas Country Blues」、「Sanctified Boogie」、「The Return Of Brother Lemon」、「When I Rise」などがあります
Resurrection of Blind Willie & Old Time Spirituals
KM Williams
  1. Old Time Religion
  2. What Is the Soul of a Man
  3. Rock of Ages
  4. Nobody's Fault But Mine
  5. Go to That Land
  6. Lamp Trimmed and Burning
  7. Can't Nobody Hide from God
  8. His Blood Can Make Me Whole
  9. Rollin' Thru an Unfriendly World
  10. God Don't Ever Change
  11. Goin' Over That Hill
  12. Dark and Cold Was the Night
  13. God's Got It
  14. Live So God Can Use Me
Rev K.M. Williams - God Don't Never Change
Blind Willie's Hymns
KM Williams
  1. Come by Here, My Lord
  2. If You Will Write My Name
  3. Praise God I'm Satisfied
  4. God Moves on the Water
  5. Wade in the Water
  6. His Blood Can Make Me Whole
  7. Glory to His Name
  8. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning
  9. Shine on Me
  10. Bye & Bye, I'm Goin' to See the King
  11. Mansion Prepared for Me
  12. Father, I Stretch My Hand to Thee
K.M. Williams - Come By Here, My Lord
Here Comes the Preacher Man
KM Williams
  1. I'm Your Preacher Man
  2. Get the Motor Running
  3. I Wanna Believe in You
  4. Yeah Lordy Stomp
  5. Why Do I Have to Cry Sometimes
  6. Walk the Floor Boogie
  7. Run to the City
  8. Get You out of My Mind
  9. Holy Ghost Comin to Your Town
  10. I Just Want to Rock with You
  11. Somebody Help Me
  12. Why Do You Treat Me So Mean
I'm An Old Soul
KM Williams
  1. Walk the Boogie
  2. My Baby Calling My Name
  3. Got Good Religion
  4. How Long You Gonna Break My Heart?
  5. Worried About You, Baby
  6. I'm an Old Soul
  7. Plenty Good Room
  8. Hound Doggin'
  9. In the Garden
  10. Bring Your Clothes Home
  11. Where You Going, Baby?
  12. I Am the Blues
Rev. KM Williams - I'm An Old Soul
Texas Country Blues Preacher
KM Williams
  1. New Preachin Blues
  2. Willspoint Ryder
  3. Trouble No More
  4. How I Lost My Child
  5. I Need Your Love
  6. Do You Want Him?
  7. Lord's Been Good to Me
  8. Addiction Blues
  9. Let Me Talk to You Mama
  10. Texas Roll
  11. Bread of Heaven
Rev. KM Williams - New Preachin' Blues
KM Williams and Washboard Jackson - Free To Roam
Reverend KM Williams Band - Texas Country Boogie