PJ ハーヴェイ PJ Harvey

英国生まれの自作自演歌手です。代表アルバムは「Stries From The City, Stories From The Sea」、「Uh Huh Her」です。
Uh Huh Her
PJ Harvey
  1. Life and Death of Mr. Badmouth
  2. Shame
  3. Who the Fuck?
  4. Pocket Knife
  5. Letter
  6. Slow Drug
  7. No Child of Mine
  8. Cat on the Wall
  9. You Come Through
  10. It's You
  11. End
  12. Desperate Kingdom of Love
  13. Darker Days of Me & Him
PJ Harvey - The Letter (Live)
Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
  1. Big Exit
  2. Good Fortune
  3. A Place Called Home
  4. One Line
  5. Beautiful Feeling
  6. The Whores Hustle and The Hustlers Whore
  7. This Mess We're In
  8. You Said Something
  9. Kamikaze
  10. This Is Love
  11. Horses In My Dreams
  12. We Float
PJ Harvey - Big Exit
PJ Harvey - Rid of Me