Sunny War サニー・ウォー

本名はシドニー・リンデラ・ウォード( Sydney Lyndella Ward )で、ロサンジェルスを根城にして活動しています。最近までバスカー( busker )をしていて、初アルバムは「With the Sun」です。
With the Sun [Explicit]
Sunny War
  1. If It Wasn't Broken
  2. Gotta Live It
  3. I'm Human
  4. With the Sun
  5. He Is My Cell
  6. The Change You Make
  7. 'Til I'm Dead
  8. Immortal
  9. Static
  10. To Love You
  11. Violent
  12. Finn
  13. Come Back
Sunny War - If It Wasn't Broken
Sunny War - Immortal
Shell Of A Girl
Sunny War
  1. Shell
  2. Where the Lost Get Found
  3. The Place
  4. Drugs Are Bad
  5. Love Became Pain
  6. Off the Cuff [Explicit]
  7. Soul Tramp
  8. Rock n Roll Heaven
  9. Got No Ride
  10. The Likes of You
  11. Xo
Sunny War - Shell
Sunny War - Drugs Are Bad
Sunny War - Love Became Pain
Sunny War - Deep River Blues
Sunny War - Every Day Every Night
Sunny War - Evil Gal Blues
Sunny War - Goodbye L.A.